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Photographing The Protests in Orlando

Photographing Protest

Hello there, Felipe here! Your wedding and family Photographer BUT I am always very open and passionate about new photography styles and ways to try new things.

First time in a protest in Orlando, FL. I was not freaking out, honestly, everything was veeeery peaceful, I didn’t stay there for too long though. Just stay for about one hour, got my shots and headed back home far way of the Corona Virus and the bad protesters. But I would love to share with you guys my experience with Protest photography.

Protest photography is much more than extreme street photography. Coverage of protest forms our social memory, it creates a permanent record for history, spreading the ideas behind the protest and fertilizing social change.

There’s something very Zen about protest photography. Caught on the fly, seen and recorded in a fraction of a second, protest photographs are truths. Not an explanation of the truth. Not a commentary or an analysis. These images are about as unmediated as a record can be.

Everyone asks me if I was felling in danger or something similar, but not at all! I was literally experiencing this way of memorizing forever what was happening but very alert of everything. Here are a few shots:

protest downtown 2020

Protest in Orlando -BLV

Black lives matter protest in Orlando 2020

i can't breath

no justice no peace BLM protest

Support Black lives


Orlando protest Black lives matter

Black Lives Matter


Justice for George Floyd


No Justice No peace


Dog in the protest

So I got a few interesting things to share with you guys from my perspective about Protest photography and a few advice in case you want to try ( maybe, we never know right?) 🙂 :

1. Aesthetics: Dramatic images make the front page. Capture the one image that summarises that particular protest; images are not as interesting if they could have been taken at any protest.

2. Remain clearly separate from participants and from police.

3. Know the area or at least have a copy of a local map. Try to always have at least two ways to get out.

4. Dress quietly, don’t wear badges or slogans. Maintain a polite and co-operative demeanor, especially when badly treated. The police will try to provoke in order to arrest.

5. Perspective: Notice what other photographers are not looking at. Find different angles, from where no one else is taking pictures. If you need to knock on a door and ask if you can photograph from their window, do so. However do keep in mind trespassing, obstruction, public order, and other laws will apply to you. Understand your rights and responsibilities and avoid giving the police a reasonable motive to stop and search you.

6. Individuality: Spot the unique individuals in the crowd, find out their personal reasons to be there, and make them the story.

I hope you all liked it, in case if you are going out to shoot something. DM me!

Much love


Felipe Callado


2 thoughts on “Photographing The Protests in Orlando”

  1. Hello Felipe! I am a local photographer as well and enjoyed your piece. I very much like the style of your photos in showing us what the protests looked like (especially for some of us who couldn’t go). I am glad that you also got to branch out from your normal work.

    Thank you for this!

    1. Felipe Callado

      Hey Kristina, I am glad you enjoyed the photos and the style. Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂

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